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Saravanan ChettiarSaravanan Chettiar
22:24 29 Oct 23
TNT is the best! Training with Liam has significantly improved my strength, mood, and look in a relatively short time. The model of 30-minute sessions two times per week is ideal for my schedule and Liam is always on time, prepared, and inspiring. I highly recommend TNT. It’s the kind of place you feel lucky you found!
Leslie GrahamLeslie Graham
14:42 19 Oct 23
Love this gym and its friendly, knowledgeable staff. Liam pushes me in a way that makes me want to work harder. One day soon I will do my first push-up! Thanks TNT Strength!
I love training at TNT! I've been strength training with Liam since July and feel incredible. I have noticed a change in my physique and muscle tone. They have not only helped me build strength but also given me great pointers with nutrition. Two sessions a week for 30 minutes fits perfectly into my busy schedule. Thank you Liam for helping me build my strength and confidence!
Diya KalaimaniDiya Kalaimani
01:24 19 Oct 23
Don’t hesitate to sign up for a session with Taylor at TNT! He creates a very welcoming environment for beginners and modifies each workout to fit you at your pace. It’s been fun to see myself progress at my fitness goals with two short workouts a week, and I plan to keep it up for a while!
Crystal FryCrystal Fry
18:03 18 Oct 23
Today was my first session with Jesse at TNT Strength and I cannot believe how much I learned about body and how build and maintain strength! The workout was really fast and way easier than I expected- even though he pushed me to my limits on every activity. It turns out I've been going about it wrong for decades, now I'm happy to be resting for at least two days! : ) I feel so excited and empowered with all this new information and support- I cannot recommend Jesse or TNT Strength any more.
Jaden PhanJaden Phan
21:36 15 Oct 23
TNT stands true to its name. If you are looking for results, look no further! The programs are personally structured, tailored, diverese, efficient and effective. They are also very data driven, which helps you visualize your progress and achieve your goals in an accelerated rate. On top of that, the trainers are all very knowledagble, passionate and supportive of your strenght development. Training at TNT is not easy, you're going to be pushed hard every second and minute of it, but at the end you will get addicted to it, and will want to come back for more results. My trainer Jesse is definitely making sure of this for me! Highly recommend!
Stacy HillsStacy Hills
21:44 09 Oct 23
I have been training with Taylor at TNT for about 8 months and it has been transformative - not only physically but mentally too! Taylor is personable, knowledgeable and makes each training session fun and challenging. I was hesitant to begin working with a trainer one on one, but it only took a few sessions with Taylor to change my mind. TNT is lucky to have him as part of their team and I would recommend him to anyone looking to begin their journey in the private training to improve strength, fitness & health. Thank you Taylor!
Susan ChaseSusan Chase
03:25 05 Oct 23
Training at TNT involves two extremely efficient, yet demanding 30 minute sessions a week. Taylor has expertly planned and monitored my workouts, and tracked my progress for over a year. I love the challenge, the variety, the coaching and cheering he provides during each session. I’m stronger across all muscle groups and can continue an active lifestyle at 58 because of it. Thanks Taylor and TNT!
Zara ZimbardoZara Zimbardo
08:01 04 Oct 23
I am new to personal weight training, and feel so lucky to have been introduced to this paradigm of strength building with the warm support, individualized guidance and inspiring expertise of the TNT training team. They are fabulous, funny, kind, and truly embody their philosophy and deep knowledge. Highly recommend them for anyone who is curious about cultivating a new kind of strength practice - the trainers are awesome guides rooting for you to keep achieving what was previously impossible and unimaginable.
Thomas TaylorThomas Taylor
04:46 01 Oct 23
I’ve enjoyed working with Taylor the last year, the premises are simple but TNT strength does a good job with variety to keep things simple and encourage you to do the work to build strength and improve fitness.
Mel HilarioMel Hilario
16:18 28 Sep 23
Exercise can be difficult partly because figuring out what works for you takes effort that most people understandably don't have the bandwidth or time for. At TNT, that problem is solved. You'll get an efficient workout where a trainer gives you *their* full attention and motivation for 30 minutes (don't worry--that will feel longer that it sounds, lol). The TNT crew tracks your stats to see how and when to progress you, all while cheering you on. Their system is clear--and honestly, comforting; I appreciated being able to just focus on the movements while Jesse coached me and threw in a joke when I wasn't sure I could do that last rep. :)If you find strength training mysterious, or you feel fit but want additional gains that you can work into your already packed schedule, try a workout at TNT!
Danielle MilburnDanielle Milburn
07:05 26 Sep 23
Over the last 4 years ago, I gained approximately 35 pounds and have struggled to get back in shape. I’ve tried working out on my own, but could not keep up with a consistent routine. I finally decided to join TNT Strength about 3 months ago, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. I don’t have a lot of extra time in my schedule with work in mental, sports officiating (referee for basketball and lacrosse), keeping up with home duties, and trying to have a little fun. Taylor has been flexible with my schedule and training at my pace, is supportive, encouraging, pushes me to my limits, and provides valuable information to assist me with reaching my goals. There is never too many people in the gym at the same time, which allows more personal one-on-one focus and we are able to choose our own music while working out. The other trainers, Liam and Jesse are also super welcoming, friendly and supportive. Affordable training sessions in a clean and safe environment with good people, who want to help you reach your full potential and my husband and I are in and out in less than an hour each session. What more could a girl who doesn’t even like to workout ask for?
Kelly RemaleyKelly Remaley
17:59 25 Sep 23
All in exercises great coaches/trainers always helping you
Isaac Kos-ReadIsaac Kos-Read
22:42 24 Sep 23
Best workout regimen of my life - sustainable, productive, affordable, and easy. The team is great. It’s never too crowded. I’m in and out in 30 minutes feeling energized for the rest of my day.
Marion LeclercMarion Leclerc
02:47 23 Sep 23
I wanted a strength work out that would be complementary to my running and they designed it for me. I really like being coached at TNT. A 30’ 1:1 work out at TNT is very effective. It is also a friendly andinclusive environment. The trainers are very experienced and supportive.I like that’s it’s super clean, not packed and can pick your music. I will keep going!
Pamela ClaassenPamela Claassen
19:23 22 Sep 23
So enjoying my first month at TNT fitness! It’s been 30 years since I did strength training (I’m 68). Easy to park, and 30 minutes in and out twice a week - efficient! Nutrition counseling in the package too! I’ll send another review at the end of my 12 week series with results - I know they will be positive!
Heather FieldHeather Field
19:20 22 Sep 23
Only great things to say about TNT. I’ve been working with Jesse for about two months and I’ve definitely gotten stronger. I’m just getting back into exercising after a long time so it’s been important to me that Jesse always takes me where I am with no judgment—only encouragement and support. He pushes me but he knows just how hard to push (and it turns out that I can do a lot more than I ever thought I could!). And throughout, he’s super careful about making sure that I do everything safely. He’s also very knowledgeable so I’ve learned a lot too. When I first reached out to TNT, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to work with a trainer, but I’m so glad that I went for it. I work primarily with Jesse who is awesome, but Liam and Taylor are great too. Definitely recommend.
Katja GussmannKatja Gussmann
18:51 22 Sep 23
I've been going to TNT for a few months now. This is my first experience with a personal trainer and it's been overwhelmingly positive. All the trainers are lovely to work with and extremely personable. They are all fonts of information on fitness and nutrition and will gladly answer questions and share thoughts on best practices and how to approach your personal fitness plan. The gym is always clean and there's never been more than one other client there at any given time, so it always feels very comfortable. Highly recommend!!!
Jeanine HolmlundJeanine Holmlund
18:35 15 Sep 23
Never much into going to the gym, I look forward to it now that it only takes a half hour! Liam has tailored my workouts to meet my specific goals and needs. Gaining muscle feels good and adds another dimension to a runner’s regimen of regular running. I’m even injured now having rolled my foot and breaking a bone, yet Liam has found ways to still work both legs. I can’t thank Liam, Jesse and Taylor enough for their support, care, and shared knowledge. I highly recommend anyone of any physical ability to give them a try!
Toby UkanduToby Ukandu
15:04 14 Sep 23
Jesse and the team are great at what they do and provide excellent training services for those with a limited amount of time. I also find them to be very knowledgable about fitness, nutrition, and recovery. I highly recommend them for personal training services.
Mike SuyematsuMike Suyematsu
20:57 13 Sep 23
Finally a place where anyone of any age can get a safe, scientific workout with the absolute best trainers in the Bay Area. Best workouts you will find! No bosu!
Berkeley ChoateBerkeley Choate
20:44 13 Sep 23
I wish that I had all the time back that I've waisted on ineffectual training. TNT gives great results with such a minimal time commitment that it's unreal. Seriously worth it.
17:43 12 Sep 23
Great environment! All of the trainers are super welcoming and accepting of anyone regardless of level and experience. Highly recommend.
Meg MartinMeg Martin
16:35 08 Mar 23
What attracted me to TNT was the scientific approach to weight training that forms the core of the philosophy of this gym. I've been working out with Jesse for over a year now, and am very happy with the results. I am 65 and have increased my strength tremendously.What prompted me to seek personal training was being on a trip and having a challenge putting my bag in an overhead compartment. I've never had much upper body strength, and it just feels really, really good to have some--and having a bit of muscle definition ain't bad either!It's hard work for sure, but it's made easier by the fact that they collect data and adjust the workouts accordingly. Jesse switches the workouts around using different machines, free weights and isometric challenges to keep it interesting.All four trainers are top notch and the bottom line is that it's fun!
16:28 04 Mar 23
Absolutely love the TNT crew!The training I receive at TNT is based on maximum effort which is a new concept for me but one where I’m seeing great strength results.As a busy working professional, the best part is I get a full body workout in 30 minutes 2x/week. That’s 1 hour/week for strength training, leaving me more time for rest and recovery, spending time with my family and road/e-biking!I can’t imagine training any other way.
00:26 23 Feb 23
Tl;dr: friendly atmosphere, safe training, sophisticated equipment, very knowledgeable trainers!I'm not a regular gym-goer and truthfully am intimidated by most gyms, but I decided to check out TNT Strength after I heard about the many benefits (both short and long-term) of strength training. I've been training at TNT for almost two years now and am happy I took the step to check them out. Their trainers are down-to-earth and make me feel comfortable and safe when I train. They all train in the same style and are very knowledgeable about why they train the way they do, including moving slowly and having the right amount of weight for me. I appreciate that they guide me through each machine and exercise, and also talk to me about the benefits and muscles that are engaged during the movement.I recommend TNT for anyone who is looking to check out a strength training gym where the trainers are truly knowledgeable about what they do (the science behind their method is fascinating!) and where you can train safely in a non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere!
Alice LooAlice Loo
07:16 26 Aug 22
This is the first gym I have joined in my life and this is the first time I have worked out in my life. And I could not have found a better place and a better trainer. I joined end of July, 2022. My goal is to strengthen my core, back, neck and be stronger overall, while taking least amount of time and effort on my part!This is the perfect place for me because:1) having a personal trainer allows me to work out 30 min each time, twice a week, and get results. I started the leg press at 160 pounds and a month later, I am at 240 pounds. That’s 4 hours later basically.2) a gym that is not gross, ie dark, stuffy, smelly, crowded, eeek!3) a trainer (Taylor Jones) who can help you achieve goals without you having to know anything about anything. Just show up and do what you are told.4) because you can’t train there without a trainer, the place is never crowded so it helps if you are a screamer like me.5) there is PLENTY of parking, metered right on College and free in the side street.
22:47 07 Aug 22
Game changers in how you workout. Effective, directed, and efficient training programs that fit my schedule!The trainers are attentive and easy to get along with. The equipment is clean and tidy. Id recommend giving it a try to see what you think!
20:25 21 May 22
I’ve been a client of Jesse’s for years now. He is not only a great trainer but a great person overall. All three trainers at TNT, are knowledgeable and will listen to your needs and expectations. My hat goes off to Liam, Jesse, and Taylor for all being part of such a great establishment. Highly recommend this gym.
Yan WYan W
01:30 04 May 22
Liam, Jesse and Taylor are fantastic trainers. They keep me motivated and encourage me to do my personal best. Their gym is conveniently located on College Ave.. It clean and bright and they stagger their clients so that I can usually have the place to myself. If you are looking for training results, you cant go wrong with TNT.
Dalton BradleyDalton Bradley
01:36 23 Apr 22
TNT is the bomb! Great atmosphere led by an awesome training staff. I am stronger than I have been in years thanks to these guys!
Phil BalmannoPhil Balmanno
22:21 22 Apr 22
I have been a long time client of Jesse's. He is knowledgeable friendly and listens to your goals and needs. The gym that he has opened is also great, it has everything you need for an efficient and well rounded workout. If you are looking for a place to get stronger and healthier I highly recommend this Gym.
Michael BonarMichael Bonar
02:45 21 Apr 22
This is the place for efficient and effective workouts for your strength goals! Excellent equipment and trainers. Smart, safe, and effective workouts. Perfect for any age, as well. 😃
Richard J HicksRichard J Hicks
00:40 14 Mar 22
Liam and Jesse are the best in the business when it comes to building strength in a safe, effective and time efficient manner. You will not find a gym with higher quality equipment and coaching than at TNT Strength. I highly recommend you make the investment and get started now!

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What Our Clients Say


— Alexia

@mommylexiloves (Instagram)

Jesse helped me to realize I don’t have to spend as much time at the gym. Focusing on one set to failure and pushing myself to increase the amount of weight versus doing tons of reps was a better approach.


- Scotty

Liam is the best personal trainer ever. I’ve been working with him for a year and a half and he’s amazing.


- Martin

I’m an online client of Liam “Taku” Bauer and I’m here to say I’m a happy customer. If you’re sitting on the fence, hop off and work with Liam. He is badass in so many ways!


— Ashley

I pushed my muscles to muscle fatigue, which was completely different for me, but it showed results like I’d never seen before.


— Daniel

I really enjoyed the way that Jesse kept momentum and high energy through all of our training and made me focus on the most important parts of the workout. So for all you guys out there that are thinking of training I fully recommend it. Jesse is awesome and he can change things for you!


— Conor

For me it’s a really enjoyable style of training. It’s short, very effective, and it really pushes you physically.


- Gerald McLean

When I met with you in late April I was the biggest I've ever been at 205 and wanted to make a change. Within two weeks of working the program you put me on I was already getting comments from friends and co-workers about how great I look. Now, 6 weeks later, I am down to 185 and still going strong on the program

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